by Undra Celeste

 What was the inspiration behind the creation of the Chambers Coat? 


The Chambers coat was inspired by the fictional Tracy Chambers, who I feel epitomizes the modern working woman's style. Not necessary in lifestyle but is boldness and confidence. You have to be bold and confident to wear the Chambers coat. 

What inspired the materials used to create the coat? 

The coat is made of 100% wool and a high-end vegan fur. I needed a fabric what would definitely be warm and luxurious for the coat. I knew that I didn't want to use real fur, so I found this amazing vegan fur that looks and feels like real fur. It's absolutely gorgeous and the perfect crowning piece for the Chambers coat. 


What do you desire the buyer to feel when they are wearing the coat? 

I desire for the woman who wears the Chambers coat to feel powerful, confident and sexy. I imagine her putting on the Chambers like a cape, before heading out to conquer her day. 

by Undra

by Samantha


by Samantha Smikle

What was the inspiration behind the creation of the "Real Deal?” 

The “Real Deal” sunnies are small and low key but the 4 points of glitz make them more of a statement. It takes you from "trying to be cool" to being committed to a look—the real deal. 

How long does it take to create a handmade sunglass? 

I can adorn 7 pairs per hour on average. Fewer pairs if it’s a more intricate design and more if it’s simpler. There’s so much technique that goes into a single pair from the soldering and plating work which I outsource to my jewelers in the diamond district in NYC to the cutting, filing and gluing techniques I use that I’ve learned over the years of working in production management in the jewelry industry and getting my hands dirty in bench work as an apprentice. A single pair from start to finish can take a week to two weeks to complete. 

What should the buyer expect when they purchase an exclusive Nroda product? 

The buyer should expect a piece that is handcrafted with care and attention. A piece that might have slight differences if held next to another pair of the same kind because they are all handcrafted. The precision of machinery is present in some parts and the craftsmanship of hand design is present in others. They should expect a piece that is both trendy and classic because I always look to the past for inspiration while injecting design elements that make it relevant to current trends. 

by Bruce + Glen

Bruce Glen

by Bruce + Glen

What was the inspiration behind the creation of The Grenade Bag in Cherry Bomb? 

We went into it knowing that we wanted to create this season's statement “IT” Bag. The Grenade Bag is the result of a few days of tinkering and crafting with “IT” Bag in mind! It was truly born from the love of the creative process! 

What do you desire the buyer to feel when they are wearing the bag? 

Confidence! It’s a small bag but it makes a big statement with tons of bold detailing. It screams, “You can be little and still pack a mighty punch!”

How do we properly take care of this handbag? 

To maintain your leather properly, keep in mind that leather was once a living hide and should be treated as such. First and foremost, animal skins need to breathe and to do that, they should be clean.  Use a soft cloth to gently wipe away any dust and dirt before treating the leather with a natural balm lotion that is free of chemicals, oils, or waxes.  This will help maintain and preserve the leather’s soft grain and pliable body. 

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