What was the inspiration behind the creation of the Marla Oversized Sweater? 

I wanted to create a unique contrast of prints that you wouldn’t usually see. I absolutely love Tee dresses and wanted to re-create that silhouette in a sweater form.

What inspired the fabrics that you used to create the sweater? 
I wanted to use a fabric that would stand out but still be well suited for the winter.


by Kapasa Musonda

What do you desire the buyer to feel when they are wearing the sweater? 

To feel comfortable whilst making a unique statement. We are usually under the impression that comfortable clothing must be understated and boring and I wanted to defy that notion with this piece.

What is the durability of the sweater? 
This sweater is extremely durable, it is of medium dense fabric with a cotton/poly blend and very easy to launder.

by Kapasa

by Ashley


by Ashley McFarlane

What was the inspiration behind the creation of the Caribbean Charm Stack?


The inspiration for the Caribbean Charm stack was the Caribbean bangles my grandma passes down to me and my aunties and the charm bracelets that help you collect various memories and sentiments throughout life. 

What inspired the materials used to create the bracelet?


The bracelet is available in sterling silver, gold vermeil and solid gold. 

What do you desire the buyer to feel when they are wearing the bracelet?


I want the wearer to feel like she’s dripping in her own unique cultural and sentimental style. You have the option of choosing your own coin. 

To maintain its luster and time life, how should the buyer care for the Charm Stack?


For sterling silver pieces a polishing cloth is great. For our gold vermeil or gold plated pieces just be sure not to shower in them or to Have them in contact with too many perfumes or oils. They may have to be replaced from time to time but you’ll have them for life. Solid gold has the least amount of care. They can just be polished with a jewelry polishing cloth. 
Maybe we should do a phone call to clarify 


by Miko


by Miko Underwood

What was the inspiration behind the creation of The Rebelle Coverall?

As a sustainable heritage denim brand, Oak + Acorn - Only for the Rebelles pays homage to the untold history of the Indigenous American and the enslaved African’s contributions that have shaped American manufacturing & American Denim. THE REBELLE COVERALL is an extension of the dungaree overall, the coverall is a classic body & uniform of the farmer, the laborer, the enslaved & the prisoner.

What inspired you to use sustainable and eco friendly fabric for this piece? 

As the first sustainable denim brand in Harlem, Oak & Acorn - Only for the Rebelles only uses repurposed denim.  Our brand focuses on an holistic approach to sustainability. We seek to impact the greater at each touchpoint, by choosing only sustainable fabrics, educating the buyer about our brand  & social impact. 

What do you desire the buyer to feel when they are wearing your clothing? 

Our goal is to shift the way our community uses, consumes & sustains their denim. Oak & Acorn - Only for the Rebelles wants our buyers to feel proud that they are purchasing a product that is made locally, of sustainable fabric and supports impacted communities. 

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